Water colour reflections from the Regent’s Canal – a final glimpse of London as I take my leave. I have done almost nothing I intended to about capturing memorable parts of this city but then I have 25 + years of memory and experience to take away with me.

What then?
To-morrow it will be the same:
Cakes and strawberries,
And needles in and out of cloth.
If the sun is beautiful on bricks and pewter,
How much more beautiful is the moon,

Interlude by Amy Lowell

15 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. I wish you a safe and painless voyage… and hope for evermore images of the new. I have transitioned many times, and am in process (of sorts) right now. I’ve always believed that change keeps me sharp. But then I’m reminded of the many knives in my many kitchens that ended up with less blade than when I purchased them. Must be a metaphor in that.

    You image is outstanding… I love reflections on water, glass… even bare pates! 🙂

      1. I’m bilingual. I sometimes use theatre, centre, and colour. Over here it makes me look snooty! Really, it just means I grew up too darn close to Canada. 🙂

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