one for the road

White elder blossom and dog roses hung in the hedges, blank as unwritten paper, and the hot empty road reflected Sunday’s waste and indifference. High sulky summer sucked me towards it”
Laurie Lee ~ As I walked out one Midsummer Morning

I hastened ahead in high exuberance
where an unwritten track left a tired Sunday street
hedgerows infused with flower dispensed a nosegay nuance
wild sighing roses cast petals in the heat

summer birds offering up melliferous melodies
unruffled by our fitful footsteps' rise and falls
that tapping of your stick discharging dignity
those surreptitious rests in scrutiny of dry stone walls

though omens of ageing waste were unalloyed
half blind I strode, indifferent to the closing episode
now all these byways spread out blank and unemployed
my travels must peruse the unescorted road

My poetics challenge ”Literary Alchemy with Laurie Lee” – converting his prose to a poem of one’s own, though under the influence of Lee as poet.