POM – June 2019

I hesitate to mention deluges and weather colder than usual for this past June and so have chosen a very sunny day with my son and his dog Jim, tongue lolling as usual and happy as Larry in his New Forest element [the proverbial Larry was a boxer but Jim is evidently more of a collie mixer!]

Pick of the Month: Marking the passing of the month with one photo though not always saving the best till last.

4 thoughts on “POM – June 2019

    1. he’s a one man and his dog kind of dog -a good companion indeed and so happy to be rescued – the New Forest is his happy hunting ground
      p.s. glad I chose this rarish sunny day for June especially now July has brought back some cooler weather here on the back of the brief Saharan sunburst 😦

      1. Flipping shivery wind here in Wenlock. The weatherpeople are calling it ‘a breeze’. Nothing like a good companionable dog. I only have imaginary ones these days.

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