Conjure some thunder

“My mind has thunderstorms,
That brood for heavy hours:
Until they rain me words…”

Words come like curds
conglomerates in a wasteful wash of whey
after the rupture, the heavy humid hiatus
when the glass turns stormy
and cumulus accumulations ascend
dark majestic towers
electric lit and sonorous
then up and out of the aqueous
milky globules coagulate, float their way
in fat, fetid, ferments
these I sieve and consume, write milksop lines
and heat until the page is visible

Prompted by William H Davies – ‘Thunderstorms’ – a final offering and last OLN link up before the summer break from dVerse ~ PoetsPub

33 thoughts on “Conjure some thunder

  1. This is absolutely exquisite, Laura! ❤️ I love the use of language and alliteration in this 😀 the way you address the thunderstorm as “dark majestic towers electric lit and sonorous.” Woww!❤️

  2. Love the tension, action and dramatic tone, until it all goes down on the page. This is a fabulous share Laura. Enjoy your summer.

    1. yes we need heat to see invisible milk written lines appear – cooking up a storm is sometimes what I need to write – thank you by the way for your help and info with poetics – see you after the break x

  3. I enjoyed the milkiness of your poem, Laura, which is emphasised by the rhyme and alliteration. The metaphor is really effective, especially ‘Words come like curds’ and ‘cumulus accumulations’. My favourite image is:
    ‘milky globules coagulate, float their way
    in fat, fetid, ferments’.

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