A brush with cuttlefish

After yesterday’s look at sepia photos, I was inspired to try out that tint with some photoshop editing, using some images from a very disappointing photo shoot at Harlow Carr gardens (well worth a visit though my photography was completely off that day).

What the sepia tint does is to give that old fashioned faded look especially on the greens or if using the darken blend group, ramps up a more autumnal look. As with most photoedits, it is best when used at less than 100% opacity.

Photoshop Friday: Exploring and experimenting with Adobe’s editing software to create some photoart for prints

9 thoughts on “A brush with cuttlefish

  1. Well edited, Laura. It’s always v. satisfying to find ways to make something new and fresh out of something you thought lacklustre. Am much enamoured with the glasshouses, especially the darker toned version.

    1. thank you Tish – must remember that sepia is really just a tint and with less opacity a nice warm one! that ‘through a glass darkly’ greenhouse also has a touch of watercolour filter. Am really enjoying photoshopping again though so much to grasp!

  2. The textures and shapes and colours in the first one are fab. I also like the last photo with the striking contrasting colours.

    1. Thank you Jude The top one is a brilliant planting combo – the sepia brought out the warmth of the orange flowers in the latter
      P.s did you visit Harlow Carr when you were up this way?

      1. No, I have never been to Harlow Carr, but from what I have seen on other blogs it does look like a worthwhile garden to go to. If I get up to Yorkshire next year as I would like to, then it is on the list!

        1. well worth it -though you would not think so if you saw the batch of photos I came back with – definitely an off day, camera wise. I especially liked all the planting down by the stream

          1. I have days like that when nothing seems to be in focus once I get the images onto the computer! Still as long as you enjoyed the garden that’s all that really matters.

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