A touch of cuttlefish

Sepia is one of the effects readily produced within digital cameras as well as post editing software, yet it is one I rarely resort to because it signifies vintage photography and hence aged subjects seem best.

The above chalets at Harwich are fairly old though not vintage since the tradition of beach huts began even before the heyday of Queen Vic when they were mobile and pulled into the sea for ready bathing and changing.

“Sepia pigment was originally made from sepia cuttlefish, and used to treat photographs. Sepia-treated prints are more durable and designed to last longer. During the developing of the print, sepia pigment would be added and it would turn any remaining silver in the print into a sulfide” ourpastimes

And here’s one I made from a B&W image using layers etc in Photoshop – just add tint, noise and vignette. No cuttlefish.

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  1. What lovely photographs Laura and both are perfect for our Colour photo challenge. The last one is intriguing, where was it taken?

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