My pick of Ramsgate

I’ve just returned after a re-visit to Ramsgate on the Kent coast though this late September was mostly wet and windy – the complete opposite of 2018. Such weather is not ideal for photos unless one comes fully equipped with camera protectors and some form of stabilisation. I found it hard to stand up to the wind at times!

A Royal port from and chief embarkation point both during the Napoleonic Wars and for the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.

There’s a harbour full of all kinds of ships, closed in by stone jetties running into the sea on which one can walk. And further out one sees the sea in its natural state, and that’s beautiful.” Vincent Van Gogh – 1876

Built in 1842 from local stone, the lighthouse tower bears a Latin inscription: PERFUGIUM : MISERIS’ – ‘Refuge for the unfortunate’.
Long sandy beaches, excellent swimming and a bracing climate under wide skies!
Rock, chalk and seeweed outcrops at Dumpton Gap beach
Rock pool faces – The soft chalk erosions remind me of the thousands of shipwrecks out on the Goodwin Sands
Upper Chalk and flint between Pegwell Bay & Ramsgate. Ideal for fossil hunters

Joining the Lens Artist Photo Challenge “Pick a Place