Black & white nights

The night slips into sleepy monochrome
nodding off at times on a pallet* of purple
with orange crushed uncertainly
in coned, colour spaces

slowly, drowsily, at the crepuscular hour
saturation seeps away ; our eyes switch mode
with rod and line they fish out
tainted tones of blue in casts of shade

molasses blacks too when illuminations
pitch and blaze a way to covert corners
and fetch warm-blooded greys of dove and mouse
or pewter rain clouds here to stay

The night sleeps deep in monochrome
– against such constancy, we stain our dreams
with daring dayglo dyes

*Deliberate spelling of pallet as rough bed, though as homonym with colour range provides an apt double meaning

Lines inspired by twiglet 149 ‘ The night sleeps‘ and over at dVerse, Linda is hosting Open Link Night: Casting a Spell