After the blah-blah radio is unplugged
when raucous tongues trail into distance
at closing time
comes the long, longed-for silence

It is blessed peace, relief
where once the head pain throbbed
only flashbacks of residue behind my eyes

Flake by flake, reticence settles
muffled, mute. Against this iron curtain
a countermand is calling

An insurgency, to throw the pebble
– plop – and hear the ripples
slop against the muddy bank.
Be startled by the moorhen’s screech

or the resurrected record of your voice
in long ago tit-for-tat chats

Remembering the lonely and socially isolated during this, another lockdown. Misky’s twiglet 'a long silence' gave impetus to some get-the-ball-rolling  poetry writing as I join with others @dVerse for Open Link Night