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Remembering the lonely and socially isolated during this another lockdown. Mish’s twiglet ‘a long silence’ gave impetus to some much needed get the ball rolling poetry writing as I join with others @dVerse for Open Link Night

pause for thought

Does it matter one insignificant jot that in that late and hot sybaritic summer, the rot set? But then weren’t we just a pair of overripe plums…daring to fall further than we cared? What would have been the outcome had we at least begun –… Continue Reading “pause for thought”

The silence bug

Oh I’m a poor sleeper, catch me a dream the silence bug has swallowed the scream we’ve all been bitten by it but there’s no twice shy when the muse goes mute a wretched occurrence of recurring brain fever sans thought, sans vision, sans senses, sansculotte anarchy from the… Continue Reading “The silence bug”