isolation #17

For many of us, hearing has become the dominant form of social interaction – I listen out for the phone calls from family, the text message alerts, the ping that tells me another funny or heart-warming video has come through from a far away friend. I’m also now playing music more, as since Martin’s death I had hardly bothered because it was a joint enjoyment and hearing like smell, can be particularly evocative.

“Who hears music, feels solitude
Peopled at once.”

Robert Browning
For as long as I'm well, am posting a pic a day to enhance these Covid-19 times of isolation and lockdown

2 thoughts on “isolation #17

  1. I hadn’t thought about all the listening we’re doing now. It’s true. Your reason for not listening to music makes perfect sense to me, too.

    I like the “mandala” of light and shadow in this image.

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