Back to Blackfriars

Back in the days just before all the lockdowns began when we took such social crowding for granted and Blackfriars Underpass along the Thames’ Southbank walkway was full of pedestrians. I hesitate to take photos of people face to face but managed to capture the crowds heading West in those few moments when no one was coming the other way.

One from the archives for this week's  Which Way Walking Challenge  

7 thoughts on “Back to Blackfriars

  1. All, but one! 🤣😉 Great image!
    “Back in the days” sounds so …old and even irreversible. Though not optimistic, I hope “back in the days” will return!

  2. I too dislike taking photos of people face on, but don’t mind the rear views. This has come out well for inside a tunnel. I hate tunnels, they make me feel claustrophobic, and I’m not at all keen on the tube either, always glad to reach street level!

feedback is food for thought....

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