Wet and Dry

A light exists in spring
Not present on the year
At any other period.
When March is scarcely here

~ Emily Dickinson ~

Sodden fields, clay that clings tenaciously to boots but at the end of another mostly wet winter, some sunshine with a little warmth in it.

I crossed the boggy ground by the brook, drawn to the lines of the reeds’ silvery seedheads (though in the bright light I could barely see the images on the camera’s LED screen and the wind kept moving them out of focus!)

Further afield, acres of dry, rustling Elephant Grass. Technically Miscanthus giganteus, this was once a garden ornamental but is now one of the new biomass crops seen in some of our arable fields.

Ecologically and environmentally beneficial. Miscanthus creates excellent cover for native wildlife whilst also able to capture and store carbon. Used as an alternative to straw for animal bedding and strawberry agriculture etc as well as a biofuel.

Farmer’s Weekly
Out and about with my battered and aged Ricoh CX3. Never mind the quality, the ease of my pocketable point-and-shoot camera has its own merits.