It wasn’t just slippery leaves,
icy pavements – but bills, banks,
a big bothersome house for repair.
Counting day-by-day in currency
the cost of jam, new clothes.
Widowed years and woefully worried
should poverty knock before the trumpet-call.
Richest in the graveyard now.
Counting blessings.

Just 44 words for De’s quadrille prompt ‘Bother
– which brought money worries to mind, and my daughter Catherine’s switch from creating with words @ Expressions to helping others be creative with their finances so that the ‘bothersums’ do not blight our lives. – see The Finfluencer

43 thoughts on “bothersums!

  1. This is incredibly poignant, I love the alliteration in “but bills, banks, a big bothersome house for repair,” … and can resonate strongly with the pressures that come with it. It puts me in the mind of a quote I once read .. “Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.” 🙂

  2. Your words tug at the heart, as I know this is inevitable: “Widowed years and woefully worried/should poverty knock before the trumpet-call.” Love the poetry in the bluntness.

  3. Finances are always a worry, Laura, and they are often worse than slippery leaves and icy pavements. Having someone who is good at sorting them out is always a blessing.

  4. Well done Laura… there are so many things in life that bring on the worries, and yet when we walk through the cemetery, we must count our blessings.

  5. Laura, this is so real.

    My mother sold her too-big house just last year (thank God) so I can somewhat imagine what your experience was like…

    It wasn’t just slippery leaves,
    icy pavements – but bills, banks,
    a big bothersome house for repair.


  6. This underscores the fact that we live in unpredictable times. For example, a pandemic that tanks the stock market. For some, that put a big hole into their investments or pensions. The market may have recovered, but many are still trying to recover from that lost value, or even lost jobs. And that was just the past year. What’s next? As I said, unpredictable times.

  7. kaykuala

    The current situation is driving many towards other self-sustaining activities to stay afloat. Good to note that there are many who in the process are able to help others survive together with them. Hopefully, Laura, a turnaround sign should show itself fast.


  8. This poem speaks volumes because it expresses a deliberate thought.
    Have also gone through the previous comments and it makes me wonder if at all my first take could make some sense. I love poems with twists.

    We worry to lose what we have while still alive, yet leave without any of them…

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