The Diopter & A Gallery of Incidentals

For a while now I thought I’d slipped into the short-sighted fast lane as so many recent photos turned out blurry (how I miss my LED screen – but that is another story). But then I remembered the view finder’s little adjustable wheel aka the diopter and also found the best way to adjust it is to focus on some text or the camera’s symbology rather than an image. And hey presto – clarity returned.

The diopter adjustment allows you to customize the viewfinder so that you can see a clear, focused image inside the viewfinder without using eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision

Of course no image is going to be razor sharp without the tripod which I rarely use but today’s happenstance brought forth an urge to try out some shots. I was just about to deposit the strawberry remains from breakfast and an old rose into the recycling when the picturesqueness struck me. It is totally zen and not altered in any way.

After that I took the next few incidental shots within the space of 10 minutes, without too much framing or planning on subjects.

A happy accident – instead of monochrome mode, I’d switched the setting to One Point Colour which was evidently already on red

Wabi Sabi or beauty in age and imperfection was evident here and in a bouquet of fading flowers

marble egg and cut glass dressing table vignette

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3 thoughts on “The Diopter & A Gallery of Incidentals

  1. Oh, I’m so grateful for that “happenstance”!!!!! 🙏❤️
    ps I hate tripods and would rather capture a blurry moon than use one! 😂🤣

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