Looking negative

One cold wet windy day this week, I took Ricoh for a walk round the house, looking at negative/white space between objects. This meant that walls and shadows were the main focus, outlining the objects which are not always in focus as they are not the main point of the photos! Shot in a high contrast mono mode and edited in Lightbox with one of the cinema presets.

Note: This is a good exercise for me as too often I focus on the black/positive space. I want to post more on this theme under the heading of White Space Wednesdays! (this should have gone out yesterday!!)

8 thoughts on “Looking negative

  1. Strangely I spent part of Wednesday, drifting about the house, snapping sunlight and shadows and mulling over white and light (I am ‘hors de combat’ with a rubbish back this week).
    Very interested in negative spaces, liminality and gaps…

  2. Indeed, yes, best to keep moving gently! The light here is fantastic – clear and white and our house lends itself to white and old wood, splashed with sunshine. Don’t let anyone tells you it always rains in Wales! (Sshh, not on the coast it doesn’t!)

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