Isolating or pairing?

Do you know me, air, so full of scenes once mine?
You, once the smooth rind,
margin and leaf of my words
Breathing, You Invisible Poem! ~ Rilke

Isolating backgrounds with narrow depth of field draws the subject in – it’s clearly saying: ‘Look! And why not, it’s Autumn and there is such a plethora of landscape colours that focusing down and in on particular aspects of foliage is another way of admiring what’s there. One disadvantage is that it also requires a certain amount of pin sharp focus, which is not easy on a breezy afternoon here in the park, without a tripod!

Thus it is that the background space is viewed as blank, negative, or white since it does not draw any attention other than as a subliminal presence or breathing space. Air is one such obvious background but better still is water – a liquid wall on which to hang some subjects

There are times though when white space is actually more a companion piece rather than a subliminal presence and hence I’ve picked some watery shadows that link up in some way with the black space. It’s more like the unity of yin/yang.

White Space Wednesdays – making the most of negative space!

13 thoughts on “Isolating or pairing?

      1. Thanks! Good to know it doesn’t kill the tree. And hopefully, it is also food for birds. I never see lots of those leave here, which is why I always stop to look at them. So whatever species eats our tree leaves must fit well into the ecosystem.

feedback is food for thought....

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