Walking past Granary Square at Kings Cross, I saw this shot out of the corner of my eye and turned quickly to incorporate both the photographing trio and the voyeur on the right.

This could have been an interesting photo but I am always reluctant to pointedly shoot at people with my camera, so instead I hurriedly and guiltily pressed the shutter. Moreover, since I had the zoom lens on the camera I could have used it to isolate the photo’s ‘narrative’ much better – again that would have felt even more intrusive. Waiting longer would have helped too so that the passer-by on the mobile would be out of the way. Then there is that annoying twig in top left – more careful adjustment with framing might have kept that out.

Panasonic Lumix Lens: 14-140mm f/3.5-5.6 (28mm wide angle to 280mm full format)
f5.0; 1/160; 160 ISO;

Note: I’m casting a critical eye on those photos that almost passed muster and paying attention to technicalities. One for the ‘second best Sunday’

4 thoughts on “Potshot

  1. He’s got a big lens on that camera! I am intrigued as to the story behind the photo he is taking. I see what you mean about the intruder and the twig/hair? Like you I cringe at street photography though I do like to see it. A good shot despite what you consider to be its imperfections.

    1. thank you for your thoughts and observations Jude and your encouragement – yes that lens is huge and your comment made me investigate further and seems portrait photographers often favour telephoto focal lengths. I never take portraits, perhaps because I’ve always felt uncomfortable on the other end of the camera, especially for a portrait

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