Ornate with unreal passion of the exhibitionist
Powder, pigment, shameless layers of gilt
Upward thrusting walls clutch cornice plaster
Lush. plush textiles; colours in all splendour
Excess trademarks motive, sham and bluff
Nothing less than squander's good enough
Come fire, or war, or penury as downfall
Everything is elementary, after all

Haker’s “waiting for better days” photo prompted this acrostic poem for Carrie’s Sunday Muse

28 thoughts on “Opulence

  1. And everything is temporary, in the grand scheme… I really enjoyed this “laying bare” you’ve manifest — well written Laura!

  2. “Nothing less than squander’s good enough” – I like that phrasing. And the downfall that so often follows, right?

  3. As I read through this a couple of times then looked at the image, I thought of someone who puts on the rose colored glasses to rationalize this kind of lifestyle without seeing what’s really there. Well-woven, Laura.

  4. This sideswiped me: the excess breaking down, the unnamed force cleaning everything to dust.

  5. Lifestyles of the rich and famous also come to dust. I especially like “…Nothing less than squander’s good enough.” Perfect capture of the picture’s depths.

  6. Nice acrostic. I absolutely luv that last line
    “Everything is elementary, after all”
    Have a good Sunday

    Much love…

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