In the shadow of Spring

There's spring nearby, its telltale signs are there
Morning's mild and sooner breaks each morning
Beware old season's hold, sly frosts. Beware!
Warning growers, dogwood winter warning

While weather tos and fros, the light meanwhile
Behind the gilded east, tows shade behind.
Filed poplar trees in sway along the file
Winds running wild, a weathercock rewinds

Earth warms between the worm, some seeds unearth
Long fingered shadows pick the day along
Rebirth is now, the birds have built their berths
Singsong and chatter, all the world is song

Out dusky days, the dazzling snowdrop's out
About the woods. The year has turned about.

For my MTB Critique & Craft poetry prompt:some shadowy lines, we are writing a “shadow sonnet” (created by Amera M. Andersen) i.e. a sonnet rhyme and syllabic form with added first and last word repeats per line (derivatives and homophones permitted. Title and poem references shadow(s) too.