She's peppermint pink
like seaside rock
a hot sugar boiler
as sickly sweet 
as fast junk food 
as thick white icing
on the Christmas cake

arm candy, eye candy
beauty in confection
her heroin looks 
hook all you
sucrose addicts
acid droppers
horse dopers

chic carved cheeks 
chopped blonde locks
a glutton for your glances
honeyed looks from strangers
and those she bestows
when the appeal
of candied peel
wears thin
as sugar-coating

peppermint pink 
like seaside rock
her name remains
right down
to the last

A candid confection of all the nuances of Candy for Sanaa’s Poetics prompt

27 thoughts on “Candid

  1. Love those chic carved cheeks! This is such a stunning, stunning rendition, Laura 😀 Thank you so much for adding your voice to the prompt 💝💝

  2. She sounds like she is doing the best she can with her looks… love the way you repeat and hammer in what you see, and I think I can almost see all the darkness she carries inside. It made me think of this line:

    And I don’t like these drugs that keep you thin
    I don’t like what happened to my sister


  3. Those heroin looks….this poem has a superb rhythm…somehow I see it as a Stranglers type song, urgently sung, with guitar, organ and drum..or perhaps even sung by Iggy Pop…so good…

  4. I missed the prompt yesterday, Is this one writing to it? I loved it, but don’t find much Carroll in it. No matter, it is clever and fun.

  5. So beautiful. My brain is fogged with fatigue, so I’ll have to come back later for a more thorough re-read, but I love this!

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