Two on Ten

Wholly One
Am I lonely since there is no other?
Always and only now, my voice is heard
Breaking silence, in prayer, thinking aloud. 
Were those conversations, validation?
Mirrors to our presence, two together
Purposeful of union, and existence.
Ten thousand words, and surely thousands more
Passed into the past like lines on water.
Silence is sentence for the isolate.
I listen out for angels in the void.

Blessed Triangle
gods and men! 
the eternally flowing creation.
Divine number, profound, pure unity
comes holy four
mother all
Bless us, divine number, thou who generated gods and men! O holy, holy Tetractys, thou that containest the root and source of the eternally flowing creation! For the divine number begins with the profound, pure unity until it comes to the holy four; then it begets the mother of all, the all-comprising, all-bounding, the first-born, the never-swerving, the never-tiring holy ten, the keyholder of all.

For my MTB prompt Numbering 10: a ten line stanza(s), ten syllable, decuain poem (decasyllabic decastitch) And/Or a Tetractys of descending syllables 1,2,3,4,10 (mirrored in reverse). Mine is an erasure poem from the Pythagorean prayer to the Tetractys equilateral triangle.

30 thoughts on “Two on Ten

  1. Great work on this form, which sounded too complicated for me to even attempt in my present state! You really captured the essence of an ‘eternally flowing creation…’

  2. Love them both, Laura, and the erasure TOTALLY blew me away. I could never…
    And thanks for hosting with such a cool prompt.

  3. Bravo brave poet.
    Your Divine Triangle is intetesting. I opted for the simpler the decuain

    Much love

  4. Loneliness is so difficult, unbearable at times — but there are always memories to recall, weighted to the positive. Fine write Laura.

  5. That’s an amazing erasure poem.
    And living alone in this pandemic–you capture so well the constant conversation with yourself. (K l

  6. Some say there is only the love poem. Others say all poetry is prayer. Here’s an example where both are essentially true. – Brendan

  7. Lines 7-9 of the left-hand poem spoke most to me. Though i am not any kind of expert on this kind of poetry, it seems to me that you have done a marvelous job on both variations.

  8. May angels guard you in the void and keep praying (I believe someone is listening)! Thank you for a challenging prompt, Laura.

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