Would it were so

Hands gnarly
body of seasoned soft wood
greying. These many weathering
years have bleached me dry.

Dry enough for the bone fire
And later, let the Dorset hill
give rest. Ash with mould
in a hornbeam copse
where old, old woodlanders
re-kindle their kin
Just 44 words for Lisa's Quadrille prompt: Season

38 thoughts on “Would it were so

  1. There is a peacefulness to this that I feel. a resfulness – somehow I picture this atop the hill?

  2. This makes me think of an old man up at his lonely cabin waiting for his kids to come with the grandkids…getting the fire ready, reviewing the lines of ghost stories in his head as he does so.

  3. Laura, I like the atmosphere here, where it feels like the completion of a fulfilled cycle and an acceptance to take on the gentle respite of another beginning. Reading your comment above, knowing your kinfolk have tended the woodlands has got to bring such peace in knowing you will continue to be cared for.

  4. Beautifully written. There is calm, grace and simply joy in a life well lived through the weathering years. The ending is just perfect.

  5. I am being ash’d when I go. Then discretely sprinkled on my favorite mountain. Really liked your expression here Laura.

  6. I feel a completion in this, like peacefulness. This line spoke to me, “These many weathering
    years have bleached me dry.”

  7. And return to the land that nurtured one whole.
    Made me think back to crinkly fall leaves falling to the ground at just the right moment in time. To warm the earth and give back to it for all it gave the leaf in the season of its life.
    There’s acceptance here. I love it. The beautiful cycle of life. Amen.

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