To simplicity

To try too, too hard
to be avant-garde is to write 
in cipher. Gnawing nuances
like dry bones for hungry
intellects. And that last 
dash, pause, hesitation -
profundity in horizontals

Let us bury the dead poets
that deadened words 
Pounding the Beat
orchestral as a triangle 
Sitwell and Stein
senseless sentences
proclaimed as if a holy one
had had a hand in heaven

or conjured weird word pasta
to suck on and let slither
like soft worms down 
gullible guts. Let there be
a slow feast though
with minstrel play on meanings
tinkering tunes for moods 
as a Thomas, and a Hughes
or Eliot's holy communion
in an uber rational age

But when the heavy rainy days
are upon us, how heartening
to shelter in simplicity. 
To open page upon page of poets
speaking with the clarity of Clare
too numerous to name, even today.

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28 thoughts on “To simplicity

  1. That last stanza is amazing Laura. It is a gift to open upon pages of poetry and get lost in them.

  2. We all have our poetic peeves (and faults as I know only too well). But simple beauty is always a breath of fresh air. (K)

  3. A big amen to your wonderful poem. Leave the wordy poets behind and focus words as slick and smooth as pasta being slurped up… and just as tasty! Well done!

  4. That “weird word pasta” hits the nail on the head. Of course like pasta, it’s sometimes a matter of taste, but for me clarity with hint of mystery is the goal. Really enjoyed this Laura! JIM

  5. Density of verbal meanings is crack for the poet but too often too “conjured weird word pasta” — inedible and indelibly lost. Amen.

  6. “profoundity in horizontals”…how I love this! I really enjoyed all those references and couldn’t agree more… simplicity is heartening. What a lovely write, Laura.

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