Its all in a name

Neither a true arum nor a lily and not even from the Calloideae family but the Calla lily takes its common name from the Greek for beauty ~ and besides it’s much easier to say than Zantedeschia Aethiopica. Even so it’s not from Ethiopia as the Latin suggests and I still call these white flowers ‘arums’!

Black & White arums for Monochrome Monday

8 thoughts on “Its all in a name

    1. a beautiful word from your language – I regard the purple ones (and all the lollipop shaped colour ones) as Callas and these bigger white ones which prefer moist soil as Arums 😉

  1. I have actually got one in my garden and had forgotten how lovely they can look in black and white. Like you I think of them as Arum lilies – the colourful Callas are more tender and I’m not sure they would grow outdoors here.

    1. these arums are on my wish list for the planned water garden area because they appreciate being moist and can take more cold than their painterly relatives. I had one a tender one which survived a winter in a pot in my last courtyard garden in Yorkshire – not sure if it survives still as I donated it to that garden when I left!

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