Today’ marks the autumn equinox and here are some hints and tints from my local Derbyshire park

fading out the green around the pools
mallards surveying the changes
Reed mace or tough, rough rushes hence ‘bulrush’
bird cherry (prunus padus) cherries
seedpods of the tall yellow irises which graced the pools in early summer
ripening alder cones
yellowing in the hornbeam foliage
convolvulus vine dying gracefully
shedding seeds of the rosebay willow herb
vignette of the woodland floor

9 thoughts on “Inception

    1. thank you Marina – I try to look on the positive side i.e. a colour palette making a change from summer greens but mellow can also feel mournful!

    1. No holiday here Selma though we have just had the Queen’s funeral as a one-off bank holiday – am trying to figure what part of the world you reside in which gives you such a holiday?!

      1. THE Queen. My Queen too. As my country of birth, Belize, is part of the commonwealth. I saw the flag of Belize displayed on the street with the others. It was so obvious. I wrote my very own poem to Lilibet— come see my photo of a lily. 🙇‍♀️

        I’m sorry for your great loss. She was a real Queen. She mattered. We mourn together and rejoice together too. XoXo

        1. so much in common Selma! ER is mourned for her dignity, duty and decorum – something we seem to be losing, here as a nation
          p.s. will pop over soon for your post

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