Mellow Monday

Week after weeks of rain interspersed with overcast autumn days and I’ve not been out and about with the camera until now. Of course, the lighting was dull, the scenery dank, a cool wind was blowing but rather than regarding the day as yet another damp squib, I persevered. Finding these photography tips from Mile Bourne afterwards made it even more worthwhile

Don’t leave your cameras at home just because it’s cloudy and you think the light’s rubbish. Overcast days present their own opportunities

On a dull cloudy day the light is coming down from all around and the sky becomes one giant overhead soft box which stretches from horizon to horizon

Instead of looking for the ‘big’ pictures ­ focus your attention on smaller cameos of your location. Big scenes need great light to bring out texture and form but close ups of flowers, leaves, and frozen drops of water all work brilliantly.

If your camera has ‘picture settings’ in the main menu try using ‘Vivid’. This will enhance colour saturation and contrast ­ both of which will be missing from the available light.

Set your white balance manually to Cloudy or Shade. Don’t use auto White balance as it can be confused by the colour of the subject and make the picture look dull

Slow down and think about your composition. When you don’t have great light to make an image work your composition has to be powerful. The ‘Rule of Thirds’, strong diagonals and lead in lines will help.

As you get in close – look for abstract repeating patterns.

More from this photography session tomorrow with Tuesday Textures

6 thoughts on “Mellow Monday

  1. exquisite. near each, more than the last. unexpected, but when seen, obvious. each image taking the role of poem for itself, almost jealously, but no, in harmony. it’s not just your eye, it’s your sensibility that has you see the way you see. I hope my sight is learning something here.

    1. thanks Neil for such lyrical feedback. Learning to see is photography for me (often the camera captures it first and I only spot it later on the bigger screen!) Always always I need to slow down and not go rushing after sights as though on a lion hunt –

      1. yea, there are balances to keep. aren’t there?

        I think I trust how you see. does that make sense?

        you will find your way.

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