First sight

Well I did it – having had the Ricoh GRiii on my wishlist for 18 months, I saved bit by bit and finally and made the decision to purchase a pre-loved one. Then without further ado I took it out on the streets of London, and shot on the settings that were already there. As it turned out, the camera was set to cross-processing.

Imagine being the first person to make the error of processing the film in the wrong type of chemicals e.g. film developed in slide chemicals or vice versa and from that mistake discovering a stylised image with drastically different colours and contrast than expected. Thus was born Cross Processing or Xpro.

The GRiii’s digital cross-processing simulates such results with a similar palette of shifted colours and some graininess, especially evident in lower light.

London this day was heading for a bitterly cold spell but some sunshine managed to penetrate the overcast light

Through a glass darkly

Well so far I’m very happy with my purchase not least because it has a stabilized 24 megapixel APS-C sensor, built in Auto ND filter, sharp 28mm effective focal length f/2.8 lens and touch screen to drive the menus.

“The GRiii is nothing more or nothing less then a great pocket shooter that lends itself perfectly for snap shooting, family outings and street photography. A discrete camera with an easy to use application but if one chooses you can dive deep into the plentiful menu system to achieve great results.”

The Pocket Powerhouse – a Ricoh GRIII review ~ Joe Dagostino

I have much exploring of this camera still to do, both with it and in it, but already have quite a few ‘snaps’ to share over these coming days!

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  1. The pics remind me of images from ‘The City and the City’ – fascinating book, mangled into a TV film, but with brilliant images

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