Fall finale

Mooching besides my footsteps here
elusive leitmotif. Born blue
but rusticating happily in exile
still we speak in whispered messages

from this bed I'm taking flight
with an amnesty
against your absence
time to beat the streets
where the sparse grasses 
in their hundreds 
still bow down
too numerous to name

Just checking
at the unhinged door
that I've been
  - silent-
running for the shore 
on to ever after
- we always are 

For my MTB: Critique and Craft prompt: “In my end is my beginning” we are taking at least 12 last lines from our own recent poetry (or those of published poets) and rewriting them into a poem, inevitably an abstract one! No additions are permitted other than tense, preposition or conjunction and enjambement for added flow and sense. Mine cover the months of August 2022 onwards though not in date order!