Moths amongst thick ivy twines
Moss inveigling monograms
Monuments in miniature
Mottled ancient stranding stones

Momentous are all burials
Moses ‘Rambam’ still in glory*
Mogul called on by the faithful
Most though now unvisited

Moons have marked so many passing
Moving me those long-gone names
Moody shades amongst the grasses
Mooch besides my footsteps here

*Moses Maimonides Jewish philosopher, jurist, and physician, the foremost intellectual figure of medieval Judaism, buried in Tiberias. Rambam the acronym for Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon

For Grace’s Poetry Form prompt “Traditional Mongolian Meter” we are writing a Head poem which rhymes each first syllable of the quatrains, having 7 or 8 syllables per line. I’ve opted for an alliterative ‘M’ style just for the different mɒ/məʊ/mu sounds (American pronunciation is not the same).

22 thoughts on “Headstones

  1. The first rhyming words are impressive for all stanzas. This gives me the goosebumps, walking along and seeing the miniture monuments with long gone names. You set the mood for October, when it is a custom to visit the graves and mark the passing of the dead.

    1. and this month is one for many funerals of loved ones and friends over the years – even up to yesterday, so that set the scene but your prompt gave me the title and some fun with M words – thank you Grace

  2. Creates such a strong mood, and meandering mind. But yes, infused with so much atmosphere that one can feel…is almost uncanny. Some much is being toyed with here, time & texture..

      1. You’re welcome, Laura.
        Well, most people are forgotten over time, but at the time, their lives and deaths are significant.
        And I like walking in graveyards–during the day.

  3. Fantastic,. Laura, and well done for sustaining the head rhyme and alliteration. The ‘m’ sounds lend the poem its melancholy and poignancy, especially in the ‘monuments in miniature’.

  4. This is wonderfully reverent, yet feels forward looking, even uplifting. Excellent as usual Laura.

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