Playing with Zen

I’m not one for loading my iPhone/Pad with apps but I did purchase Zen Brush 3

a drawing app focused on the strong yet beautiful feel of the East Asian ink brush which can be used to perform calligraphy, ink painting and more“.

As can be seen in this my very first try-out, the zen brush3 app offers brush style strokes in various thicknesses, from very wet to very dry, in black and colours with an opaque slider to create lighter or darker versions.

A wet applicator creates the shadowing so often seen in Japanese paintings. There’s also a blotter and eraser tool.

The drawings can be rotated and saved either as an image or just as ink outlines.

The option to create layers and import other images makes this app even more versatile. Opacity, brightness, contrast and saturation can be modified by sliders.

If you have an iPen there are some very lovely creations possible – I only have my finger, so find it difficult to draw with any refinement!

The one downside for me is that I dislike the pink-grey or brown backgrounds to the saved images but transparent pngs are one of the save options. Also, I can always edit these in Photoshop. And Lightroom gives me the chance to zap and alter the image even further, should I wish.

My verdict: I love it! But as for creating fine ink drawings, it’s just not me. Rather I use Zen Brush3 to create finger painted abstracts!

Terence P. Pare ~ The shape of things

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