purple, black and blue

It was hard to pick a preferable colour but finding David Harsent’s poem: “Abstracts“, with its colour stanzas was the solution. Click each pic for a clearer view and/or the above link to read the whole poem


"... when the twins are lost in the wood,
daylight suddenly deepens and it’s run or stay or pray.

Still wrong? Rain in the hanging gardens then? That bruise you can’t account for? The color of money, win or lose?
A Balkan liqueur that hits you where—Ah, yes, of course; the bruise".

"...You know the room, or think you do, half-dark
and windowless it seems, though maybe
the shutters are dropped against the day, loose talk

from women in veils and something like a pulse,
on the air when he opens the door"

It sings they say, and so it does: something like the note
that fractures glass or gets so far below
the range of human hearing that it jolts your heart;

and the glass it breaks is blue, 

Photoshop Friday – making abstracts from photo edits whilst poetry provides the titles