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another Black Friday

“The dark nails pierce him and the sky turns black, And love is firmly fastened onto loss” Hurry! Hurry! hurry for the sales are happening here today a rollicking rush on knock-down goods discounts dispensed by the dozen another Black Friday’s godforsaken goodness Holy!… Continue Reading “another Black Friday”

Chance encounter

A chance meet ill-met eyes matching yours catching sight of black cat stock still amongst cattails* green-eyed monster jealously guards the pond edge blithely bobbing fluffballs nemesis in nettle shades we saved the day but… never cross my path again next time heed the sign: ‘Trespassers have no invite. Strays are in my sights” *aka Bullrushes… Continue Reading “Chance encounter”

A murder

Call it what you will it’s not a murder crows congregate in funereal black some attack or mob their own for reasons of their own maybe they mourn or is it morbid curiosity these gatherings for dead companions? – but now it’s Spring and corvids collect ink spotting thin… Continue Reading “A murder”