Last letters

To JHSG ~ 18.12.26-13.01.08

In all our lifetime of letters
I never kept but a single one -
the repartee in ink, back and forth
stretching across county lines
through rifts, gaps of emotion 

I never said 
but they were like hand holds
the looked for, longed for
certain proof of the unforgotten
dressed as news, beautifully scripted too
 in Waterman's royal blue

All the more prized
those last vestiges of words
upbeat in illness, broken by a fall
apologetic and unsteady the cursive
yet still that familiar closure
"Fondest love now and forever"

what else could your epitaph be
- my letter of thanks, forgiveness
an amnesty 
To DT ~ 20.06.48-19.9.22

After our together years
the ever after parting
comes a first and last letter
my card, your rejoinder
healing words from the sick bed
and what a summation
with death abiding, a distillation
all that we failed to mention
the dones and the left undones.

There've been incidental meetings
thoughtful, proxy memos 
a florist's card or word of mouth
missives relayed by others. All these
and so much more, I now store 
against your absence. 

A somewhat sad last post kind of post but it’s Open Link Night over at dVerse where anything goes since the topic is unprompted

31 thoughts on “Last letters

  1. I am so deeply sorry for your loss, Laura. Please accept my condolences. This is a beautiful and moving poem.

    1. thanks Linda and for hosting tonight these losses and more are starting to be commonplace with age and hence final words in these letters meant so much

  2. One never knows with poems, whether thy reflect the writer’s actual experience or are invented, but going by the previous comments, I gather this is very personal. Loss is always so very hard. Having something tangible, like letters, mementos, or possessions, are a bittersweet medicine for a very great pain. I’m sorry.


  3. Laura, the first one conveys a sense of fondness as well as a bit of objectivity as the loss occurred a while ago. I love all the details of Waterman’s royal blue, the unsteady cursive…
    The second loss is recent and conveys more pain, especially as in…”I now store against your absence.”
    I always believe sharing pain/loss mitigates it a bit.

  4. I, once again, deeply moved by your writing. Words that seem to speak to/of a silent aspect of my soul. May your memories embrace you with loving-kindness.

  5. So beautiful, yet so devastatingly final — but still they stand in memoriam. Splendid piece Laura, so moving! 🙂✌🏼❤️

  6. So much warmth in your words. A hand written letter is a precious thing. Something to hold when the empty space looms too large to comprehend. (K)

  7. A most interesting poetic approach. It is what is lost in in translation of two souls that often is too late found… forever left unsaid.

  8. Letter writing itself is an antique occupation, casting sere light on heartfelt occupations, almost as if they are most real in their other world. A fine exploration here, revealing and folded at once.

    1. so true – most real in their other world makes it possible to speak these poems
      p.s. I have only just discovered your prompts at earthweal and plan to join in sometimes soon

  9. Both so moving, my dear Laura. Losing loved ones is never easy and your letters have a heartbreaking finality… not sure if my words are right. So sorry for your losses.

  10. My heart aches to hear your pain, Linda Laura. May the solace found in letters/cards/”healing words”, and the memories they hold, never lose their warmth and potency.

  11. A great close Laura to remember her by. Heart-felt condolences Ma’am!


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