Can’t be beat

It's dull dystopian
clapped out rhythms for marching feet
our chattering teeth protest 
unabridged, undammed
some drip-dry dribblings of the explicit
that careless drunk behind a post
a dumb flea-bit dog lifting its leg 
defining free speech

It belongs to the city
grime and crime
ennui and the fog of faith
the disabled unburdening
a poet's unbearable reality
all bare truths, cold confusion
as to how casual sex can be
- only ugly shocks the new
after the war took street fights
to a bloody free for all

It's the taste of flat champagne
mediation in monotone
some mindblown moulds, roulette
and jazz for jagged nerves
imagine escapism in reverse
down, down with the gutter press
up and away topping the high rise
the astral plane's burning up tarmac
but first let's call time
time to beat the streets

For her Poetics prompt, Sanaa challenges us to write in the style of Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation

21 thoughts on “Can’t be beat

  1. You absolutely nailed it!! This is fantastic writing, Laura. The opening line sets the mood and takes the reader along- giving a taste that is hard to forget. I especially resonate with; “All bare truths, cold confusion as to how causal sex can be – only ugly shocks the new after the war took street fights to a bloody free for all,” .. thank you so much for writing to the prompt 💜💜

    1. I appreciate this Sanaa (and to you as host) as the words came tumbling through my dislike of beat poetry and I kept rewrites to barest minimum in case I overworked

  2. I love the taste of flat champagne, and that city grime and crime part – you have captured the dull and stark dystopian city. Beautifully penned Laura.

  3. Your response can’t be beat, Laura! I love the alliteration, the ‘clapped out rhythms for marching feet’, the internal rhyme of ‘grime and crime’ – all of it!

  4. The chattering teeth protesting is an awesone grotesque image


  5. I love how all the ugliness comes to “the taste of flat champagne” and then condenses to “imagine escapism in reverse.”

  6. Laura, you really channelled your distaste for beat poetry so skillfully to write this absolutely brilliant piece. Inspired, should I say!

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