blood donors

and garden work returns.
Gone the long hot days 
yet still with naked limbs
revealed, busy diggers
mowers and sowers
relish cooler air

Barely felt
skin-dipping skeeters
come plundering blood
for eggs

drop them pondside
beneath fading flag and lily 
in their hundreds

Just 44 words for Lisa’s quadrille prompt: work

31 thoughts on “blood donors

  1. Laura, I went on a group bike ride yesterday and was delighted for the cool breeze on my bare arms and legs. Thankful for the wind as it’s tough for those little buggers to land then. Thanks for showing me another way to think about fall skeeters. I’m sure lots of those eggs are fattening up the pond critters who are getting ready to hibernate or whatever they do to survive a foodless winter. Nice touch on “beneath fading flag and lily.”

  2. Insects, especially mosquitos, are the dark side of Nature’s paradise. Either God has a sense of humor, or he screwed the pooch with blood suckers,

  3. Love where you went with this Laura 🙂 — but I hates dem skeeters… 😕

  4. Oh yes, the little vampires are still out! I found that out the past two days. But that’s beside the point, because your poem manages to capture nature both as we like it and how it is. I like it very much.


  5. A beautiful Fall Quadrille. I am looking for some of that coolness to arrive here. I love the way you played with the mosquitoes!

  6. The juxtaposition of the speaker’s work and the skeeter’s mass production. It makes you wonder about the work… Well done.

  7. Oh Laura, this is so familiar! I am covered in gnat bites, and they won’t heal. Nasty creatures hide in our bedroom and attack me at night!

  8. I liked the tone of this, and the clever title. July and August were unusually dry for us this year, so the gnats and mosquitos were not around so much. We’re finally getting rain today, so their return will be the downside. Our yard is usually so buggy that I don’t go in it much.

  9. Here the mosquitoes are in full force in September. We are the hapless blood donors! I’d never thought one could write so poetically about blood suckers! Fabulous write.

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