Glass and ice

The Piazza Terrace in the Royal Opera House’s Floral Hall, with open views over a snowy Covent Garden. The light and contrasts were made for Black & White.

“The Royal Opera House, designed by Edward Barry in 1858, retains its original white façade that was built in a classical style with its main entrance on Bow Street. An adjacent connecting building, a spectacular glass structure called Floral Hall, that was once part of the historic Covent Garden flower market, now serves as the venue’s atrium and public space” ~ English Heritage.

Another one for Monochrome Monday

6 thoughts on “Glass and ice

  1. Fantastic full range, black to white. (Confess I like form more than color. Color can sometimes be distracting; much harder for the photographer I think.) Just like being back in Art School (I wish but no, never was). Composition too, spot on. Deep deep focus as well. You are easy to appreciate.

    Oh (sidebar) interesting. Safari and Opera (the later my comment=able browser) render this image differently. Opera is little more crisp/sharp than Safari is. Unexpected but clear to see. Safari is softer, less contrast. Side by side, difference almost glaring. Never heard of that quality before. Neither necessarily better. (Hmm. Topic for further study and review?)

    1. thanks for the fullness of your feedback Neil – colour is most certainly harder and so have recently been appreciating/ studying the photography of Ernst Haas. Sometimes I shoot RAW and convert to B&W but this was a monochrome jpeg from the outset, as the scene suggested to me
      p.s. there are so many facets to digital viewing i.e. browsers, monitor settings, tablets, iPhone etc that I wonder if any of us are seeing the same thing

    1. but your food and flower photos are always sharp? am pleased with the Ricoh for that especially as I have a tremor – have yet to try out manual focus but am just exploring a bit at a time

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