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We’ve some short, intermittent dry spells but for the most part, the weeks of rain continue which makes it less and less desirable to venture outdoors with a camera, especially as taking photos with an umbrella can be awkward. So interiors are one idea for rainy days and in that it’s worth turning the camera on our pets.

This is Moog. She came to stay for a few days whilst my daughter was away, but this has extended to some fostering time whilst she and I decide if permanence is what we both want.

As a bird lover, I would not normally welcome having a cat around but she is 16 years old and has little interest in activity, let alone the chase. She may be a little deaf too. I especially like her affectionate spirit and pleased to say that she has settled in easily and happily.

In daylight, it is evident that Moog is not a completely black and white cat, but tends towards some ginger. Even so monochrome suits her.

The Ricoh GRiii has 4 B&W modes including Normal, Hi, Hard and Soft. Moog disappears with too much contrast so the above two are shown in Normal mode. But in order to emphasize her gentle nature, those paws are shot in soft B&W

Wishing everyone a Happy Saturday and wondering what others are doing, photography wise, during rainy days. Since wet weather is forecast for the foreseeable future, I might try more indoor photography projects from here

20 thoughts on “Indoors – pet project

  1. Oh…I’m so regretting giving away my Ricoh. The different point of view creates images that invite the eyes to linger.

  2. Beautiful shots of a beautiful cat. I once had a B&W cat called Benjamin (Ben) who was the softest cat I have ever known and used to talk to me. I’d love another cat, but like you worried about the local birds (and digging in the flower beds) and pets do tie you down.

    1. thanks Jude – this one talks with her eyes. I am away quite a bit but have daughters to step in as substitute carers. I wont mind the digging as most beds are shrubs but will cover the seeds & veg beds etc – especially from the mice !

  3. These are great, Laura. The top photo especially catches my eye, with the interesting angle, composition, and pleasing colors. Maybe it will work out and she’ll join your household.
    Rainy winters sure do get old, don’t they? Where I live the rain tends to drizzle on and off so if your camera is weather-resistant, you can still go out between showers. People almost never use umbrellas in the Pacific Northwest – they just put a hood up and carry on. I thought it very strange when I moved here from NYC, where the rain is heavier and umbrellas make sense. Whether you can get outside or not, it looks like you’ll find plenty to occupy yourself. 🙂

    1. the Ricoh is especially not waterproof and still the rains come down – colder weather on the way so there is a chance for some chilly photos soon rather than these cosy indoor shots of Moog

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