2 thoughts on “A reasonable frame?

  1. Tis a long time question about photography, isn’t it? (One lesser reason why I departed from doing the craft.) Only the better folk can enter without leaving something behind. Bigger eyes, is it that ability? Me not so competent to say, but seems your pictures much have that sense of personal intimacy – meaning yea, you know how to keep yourself present. That’s the real gift of your photography I think.

    Odd is it that the same was never said about painting?

    1. you’ve raised some fundamental questions there as to its use, purpose, aim, function of photography as art or art/science since it uses chemistry & physics too. Sometimes I feel I should leave it alone and let the ‘big boys’ play and then I just put my head down and try to find my own niche, purpose, enjoyment hence your feedback is so heartening – thank you Neil

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