Beyond the visuals, photography captures our sense of touch with texture. Here I’ve used Moog’s paw and a textured blanket shot with the camera’s creative visual HDR mode. It does not take much for this subject to become ‘touching’ too!

One for Monochrome Monday – requiring just a minor reduction of blue saturation

10 thoughts on “Touch

  1. Texture, sure, yes. But where my seeing began to circulate had so much to do with composition (with credits to subject included), as well delivered so unexpectedly. Truth when first observed, half a heartbeat at least, wondering, what is this? Only after, did I have names given to what’s in view. Do we call that direct seeing? I don’t know. But the experience is honey sweet.

    I think you allow us to see more than the obvious. I trust how you see, if that makes sense.

    1. ‘direct seeing’ – oh yes Neil – before cognition kicks in. Am reading Howarth’s “The Mindful Photographer” and that is one of the practices

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