Still Life

Here we are almost mid-February with that feeling of teetering on the edge – one minute somnolent in winter temperatures, the next a stirring of bulbs, blackbirds and buds on the bough. My indoor hyacinths have just finished blooming,

the pears in the fruit bowl represent future hopes for a recently planted miniature tree

and last year’s straw flowers lie in a pot pourri of remembrance.

So I’m taking a short blog break today, heading South to stir some life, freshness, change, into my winter weariness.

Feeling Positive! These interior images were shot with the Ricoh GRiii positive film effect in natural light – emulates the developmental appearance of transparencies/slides but has been given a more modern look. Can be tweaked for vintage effects.

5 thoughts on “Still Life

  1. Each image of itself draws appreciation. Then moving, first to second, that transit is another breath all to itself. No surprise you found this path, a welcome sight. Yes, please do whatsoever you wish to greet some change.

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