10 thoughts on “Dreamer

          1. well Laura, that’s the heart of your innate ability – what you can do, shooting from the hip. I am only more appreciative.

  1. Just more evidence, your images are poetry. (confess of course, that’s my lens.) Such ripe poetic elements, the family, huddled dark, the boy, the ball, the fish, three all in blue. Even the shadows come out to play. The curves, recursively. Ben is so right – you have a good eye Laura. I enjoy seeing the pictures you make.

    1. it was the bottle bank ‘whale’ I felt that added to the child’s dreamy sequence so I thank you for all your observations Neil – I would have liked more time to check lighting etc but it had to be a snap or else!

      1. My nose keeps pressing onto your windows here. Yea, pictures I like, but more than that. It is you I trust, how you see, how you share. I am humbled in my appreciation.

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