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POM: March 2019

This photo is the pick of a very small crop though I am quite pleased with it. I have virtually no photos for this month – a move away from London, settling in plus a long period of wet and windy weather has given… Continue Reading “POM: March 2019”


on the cusp the vertiginous brink and a dizzying daring leap between then and there their way home and this half way house a precipice that spells recipe for disaster for certain ice and a slippery slope the boy hangs back limp and lolling in limbo like all forsaken playthings when the fun fizzled out… Continue Reading “Pubescent”

The enchanted pool

Heyday holidays summertime longer than finger counting hours shrimp of a boy with his net prisoner of pirates walking the fallen tree trunk blind lagoon lapped toes space-time sorcery no newts or sticklebacks to lure only mermaids and sprites hypnotic sway of weeds below a drowned witch waves at him spellbound ’til the homeward call With Toads… Continue Reading “The enchanted pool”