half and half

Today marks the Spring Equinox with day and night sharing the 24 hours out equally. Although the weather remains cool and often wet, the trees are beginning to show leaf bud which is a sign to make the most of their winter sculpted outlines before they are lost to sight once more

One for Monochrome Monday – centring the tree with half and half space for far off views either side

4 thoughts on “half and half

  1. I love the gray (grey?) tones in this. It is very much like the way Tri-X 400 film would capture it — if you developed it just right. Nice shot!

    1. thank you Charley – I know the subject is quite ordinary but it is the grey tones that make it stand out – the light was muted intermittent sun which helped. Ah the days of film – I wish I had entered the realm of photography then but am a digi late comer but the Ricoh GRiii soft monochrome seems to know!

  2. Well nice of course, B&W I’m fond. And where’s Sun? Some left and behind tree, hazy sky? Counter to most basic rule? Let Sun illuminate from gentle front for light. Whatever. But your solution, tree in shade & lots of light far background. Lovely contrast/tension.

    And I loved the trailing image of your text! Winter’s sculpture soon to be lost in new Spring leaves. Inspired phrasing. (jealous I never thought of that : )

    1. sun was to the right and lowered over the woodland behind in a late afternoon time of day.
      And the only sadness I feel at this end of winter is the loss of these lovely sculptures – thank you for appreciating this!

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