Falling apart

The tulips make me want to paint,
Something about the way they drop
Their petals on the tabletop
And do not wilt so much as faint,

Something about their burnt-out hearts,
Something about their pallid stems

Wearing decay like diadems,
Parading finishes like starts,

To watch them get a little older
And give themselves up to the light.

My Easter tulip bouquet, now falling apart, gave the camera a bit of a spurt and these images, along with the eponymous poetry by A.E. Stallings, are just in time for Macro Monday..

p.s. Already midway into April and no photo posts from me this month here, until now. Instead I’ve been busying myself in the real world of gardening – and so another post coming soon to My Japanesque Garden

13 thoughts on “Falling apart

  1. Floral anatomy I suppose. Beautiful twice. When you get this close it changes our relationship. Nice pairing, photographs to poem. Really superb.

    Immediately reminded me of a similar photo I bought years ago. Actually kind of a folded over-print up very close (in the days before Photoshop). A favorite of mine. If curious, my post “grandmother’s nose” (an easy search) has that photo (tho pardon the poor glass glare, beyond the reach of my phone camera). So named because one day her nose and one bee became coincident. She was OK. : )

    1. ‘floral anatomy’ indeed Neil – nice term- am drawn to the microscopic as its what we are unable to see unaided but cannot afford the equipment or the time so make do with macros when my hand is steady enough.
      your grandmother’s nose is intriguing – will look out for it!

  2. What a beautiful pairing of photos and words. I’ve got a dolphin plant right now that over bloomed and as the dolphins leap off the plant and land on the ground they remain as they were—it seems, as you said, they have fainted. Lovely.

    1. had to look up Dolphin plant Bridgette – and can visualise how lovely they must look when fallen
      p.s. thanks for commenting on my last poem – I’ve been away and missed replying

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