Then and then

“I was nineteen and mentally/infirm when I saw the prophet Isaiah”
Solstice Litany ~ Jim Harrison

At the time I had no faith.
Neither in prophets 
nor the very veracious Cassandra
(for failing to foresee her own fatality).
I'd catch only the one 

It was spoken
broken as a record
in spin top revolutions
making me giddy, sick
fearful. For the young of fun
felt freakishly false,
mechanical as laughter
from craze-eyed mannequins.

Incarnate hades masked as theatre
halled with distortions
but He was there too
even in that ghoulish glow of limelight
the assured seer 
caparisoned in prayer shawl
luminous spheres of then
and then in each hand. 

Daunting though this: balancing
 what was with what will be
-just as the prophecy

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21 thoughts on “Then and then

  1. I like the layout and shape of this poem, Laura, the internal rhyme in ‘It was spoken / broken as a record’ and the sounds in the lines:
    ‘felt freakishly false,
    mechanical as laughter
    from craze-eyed mannequins’
    ‘ghoulish glow of limelight’.

  2. A great poem. I loved the spinning record double meaning. Interesting how your poem comes full circle. There are some things that we are ok with not knowing!

  3. Your opening lines quickly drew me in. This is raw and honest. Admired the word choices as Kim has also pointed out.

  4. Well gosh Laura, me not a very classic mentality – not at all. Nor did I know who Cassandra was – so I looked her up. What an interesting idea just in her story. Those old Greeks were pretty mean folk.

  5. The spheres of then and then in each hand…we are always trying to slip between them while peering into them at the same time. (K)

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