Category: Poetry

Too much, too soon

I think you mistook me for a goddess the minotaur hunt had begun at midnight downwind I caught a snatch of whiskey in the husky whisperings of horn and hoof Meek as live bait in the illicit snare though you could not decide if goatskin was just a smoke… Continue Reading “Too much, too soon”

The call of Spring

Out of Africa the home sickness is stirring summons of a sometime stranger to a near mythic land temptation of temperate mornings in a Spring mist where white flowers froth the criss-cross patterned lanes there I’ll perch and wait for the call in the key of C minor he’ll begin to cook and coo… Continue Reading “The call of Spring”

A step too far

Once you cross the line the going back has gone we, the life is elsewhere believers the golden age retrospecters we are primed as rocket fodder suckers on the sci-fi  writers many, many have already gone under the knife and withdrawn we who protested population viewed eugenics as… Continue Reading “A step too far”