I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow
by I don’t know what”
Jim Harrison

it happens to countless others
amazed, stupefied, pasty, flabbergasted faces
pasted across the popular press as news
– with his old tractor, a dirt farmer upturns treasure
in some orifice or other, a spider or lake leech has wormed their way in
a Chinese meteor makes a sudden pass – and we all know what good fortune
fire dragons bring to those born in the year of the dog
yesterday someone’s cute canine and a croc played dinner games
no pictures to follow today – and besides, there’s only a quick buzz in bizarre
I want to wake up as astonished as if the sky had fallen in
to find your apology on the mat, all love letters enclosed intact
the only poem I ever wrote to you with a solicitor’s cover note
confirmation that my property is now mine
– but better still, surprise me

Joining Jilly for her Jim Harrison prompts on this Day 9 of 28 Days of Unreason