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Winding river

For my Poetics prompt, China: Kingdom of the Poem. Choosing one from a given selection of Chinese classical poems and reinterpreting the text, either in our own style or the regulated verse of Chinese ‘Lushi’ form. I chose the former with Du Fu’s ‘Winding River’ poem


“I’m hoping to be astonished tomorrow by I don’t know what” Jim Harrison it happens to countless others amazed, stupefied, pasty, flabbergasted faces pasted across the popular press as news – with his old tractor, a dirt farmer upturns treasure in some orifice or… Continue Reading “Surprise!”

the Chinese bridge

I’ve crossed many bridges, burnt none and seen one that wasn’t even there on a day when fishermen slung their hooks and took a waterproofed homeward track whilst we tacked on against the grain and relentless rain turned us muddy and bent like bloodhounds scenting the way there was… Continue Reading “the Chinese bridge”