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Not what you see

Eliot wrote some of his poetry here at Margate – although not ‘The love song of Alfred J Prufrock’. Nevertheless I think of this image as Prufrock – the man is not wearing white flannel trousers but he is walking along the beach and… Continue Reading “Not what you see”

Ships that pass

  when the first of the dry leaves breezed in from the sea and netted itself in the curtain I knew you’d be ready to leave – but wasn’t our summer special? you mocked my old piano we churned a few love songs together laughter in our lyrics first… Continue Reading “Ships that pass”

The source

In rhythmic turn the water wheel dips and drips brushed by the rush of liquids poured overhead or in downhill momentum of river and stream Such constancy of source and motion do all creators crave and finding little inspiration in a jug of Adam’s ale whet appetites on stronger ferments dilute with distillations of… Continue Reading “The source”